Raising hope...Raising opportunities

Raising hope Inc. recognizes the challenges faced by low income families, elderly and adults with disabilities in their day-to-day struggle to survive in the prevailing social, economic, political and physical well-being environment. Raising Hope trains and recruits competent staff to support the elderly and adults with disabilities to provide home care services in the homes of clients; provide support with permanent and transitional housing to persons at risk of homelessness; and promote activities which support lifelong personal growth of children and youth from low income families.

Programs and Campaigns
We offer the following programs and activities:

Youth Empowerment
We work to empower children and youth toward lifelong personal growth and to create in these youth a genuine belief in themselves through the provision of a wide array of programs and campaigns that support their intellectual, physical, social, and cultural development.

At Raising Hope we celebrate diversity and embrace all persons, regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or creed. We strive to create a diverse, safe environment where low income children, elderly, adults with disability, and economically challenged families can thrive.

Volunteer & Support
Whether you are a youth wanting to join one of our programs or a supporter who would like to contribute to our organization, please consider contacting us online.