We cultivate the talent of the youth by facilitating soccer training and games.

The program provides the opportunity, motivation, and skill-building for youth (especially immigrant children 8 to 19 years of age) to engage in soccer during after-school and out-of-school times. Soccer practice is held all year round, and games with other local club sides are scheduled weekly. Soccer is a sport most immigrant groups identify with, and participation leads to improved physical health, gang and crime prevention, self-esteem building, and responsibility.

The current soccer program happens at 370 Hartford Avenue (Former Perry Middle School), Providence, RI 02909.

Raising Hope Eaglets: Under 10 team (8 to 10 years old)
The Raisins: Under 14 team (11 to 14 years old)
West End Kicks: Under 17 team (14 to 17 years old)

We Are Here to Help
Whether you are a youth wanting to join one of our programs or a supporter who would like to contribute to our organization, please consider contacting us online.